Improve Your Mood through Massage

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It is a proven fact that our mood can be positively altered through massage, and it can be as simple as a
hand massage during a manicure! Your hands work hard every day and so do you. So consider taking
just a few minutes out of your day beautify your body, as well as lighten your mood. All it takes is a
manicure at Hair Currents. Every manicure at Hair Currents includes a hand massage. There are
numerous nerves within our hands, so gentle massage can work wonders in this area of our body. Plus,
it’s always great to have gorgeous nails!
Hair Currents is a high-end New Smyrna Beach salon offering a variety of massage modalities, including
deep tissue and pain relief massages which use deep finger pressure and firm strokes to reach a deeper
layer of muscles and relieve a variety of physical ailments; hot stone massage in which smooth heated
stones are used to help reduce stress and anxiety, soothe muscle tension and boost immunity; and Lomi
Lomi, a traditional Polynesian massage technique that uses free-form massage to treat the mind body
and spirit, and improve the flow of energy and harmony.
Hair Currents also provides the latest professional cuts, styles and color as well as an array of day spa
treatments including facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and more. All of our salon professionals
individually tailor services to meet the specific needs of every client and leave them feeling positively
pampered. Call Hair Currents at 386-424- 0822 to schedule your appointment.