Highlights for Radiant Hues

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Highlights and lowlights can be used to bring out gorgeous radiant hues in your hair. They can transform
dull, lifeless, mousy hair color into vibrant, sexy, shiny locks. Strategically positioned in the right places,
highlights will also beautifully contour your face and accentuate your best, most flattering skin tones.
Highlights create easy blending of colors which can help camouflage grays, and, believe it or not, they
even make hair appear fuller!
You can highlight in chunks for larger thicker highlights or thinner for a more subtle, natural appearance.
There are gorgeous highlighting colors available…such as bright blondes, light blondes, darker blondes
and luxurious golds. Then there are lowlight colors, like creamy caramels and rich shades that are just
perfect for autumn. Or you can opt for unnatural accents in any color of the rainbow. You can also
choose a more permanent highlighting or temporary. And consider highlighting or lowlighting with more
than one color for even more depth.
Highlighting can be achieved in a number of ways, but it is often accomplished through the foil method,
where hair is placed within a folded piece of foil after it is brushed to lighten. Foils can also be used for
lowlights for darker color by using dye instead of bleach.
For rich gorgeous hair with perfectly pleasing highlight or lowlights, make sure you see an experienced
colorist. Hair Currents, a high end salon in New Smyrna Beach will provide highlighting by veteran color
artists within a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. Schedule your consultation and appointment today!