Heat Protectors Are Recommended for Your Hair

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Here’s a hot tip…heat protectants protect hair from heat styling PLUS help to maintain hair’s essential
nutrients. Heat protectors were designed to protect hair from damage caused primarily from heat
producing styling tools such as curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners. They contain beneficial
chemicals that coat and protect hair as well as add moisture and retain valuable nutrients during styling.

Research indicates that heat protectors for hair really do work, and they offer so many great benefits:
The protective barrier heat protectants form over the cuticle on each hair strand prevent damage –
maintaining a beautiful high glossy sheen.

Heat protectors fill porous sections within hair follicles, eliminating frizz.
Applied when hair is wet, lubrication from heat protectants aid in detangling hair.
Heat protectors soften hair.
They also prevent dehydration during heat styling and replenish essential hair oils.

When you use a heat protector for your hair, make sure to massage into hair so that you can actually
feel that you have covered every portion. Using a comb can also help to cover as much of each strand of
hair as possible.

Heat styling detriments can be hairy. Don’t let them get the best of your hair!