Eyebrow waxing vs. tweezing

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Believe it or not, the shape of your eyebrows can significantly change your facial appearance. If your
eyebrows are balanced and sculpted correctly according to the shape of your face, they can make your
face appear considerably more beautiful. If you want to minimize the amount of hair around your
eyebrows and create a more balanced, beautiful appearance, you have different options from which to
choose:Professional eyebrow waxing, which is the art of applying wax to unwanted hair and then pulling it off,
is a great way to perfectly shape your brows. It involves a quick stripping motion that only smarts for a
few seconds. Since the wax is applied to the hair that will be eliminated, a professional aesthetician can
see exactly how the eyebrows will be contoured before completing the waxing process. Eyebrow waxing
also promotes softer regrowth, so it is a great option for thicker, bushier brows. It removes hair at the
root, so that regrowth can take as long as three to four months, and the shape of the eyebrow is
retained for a longer period of time with each waxing.

Tweezing is more time consuming and can be more painful than waxing, especially if you are new to the
process. Even the best beauty professionals can mistakenly catch and break the skin – a rather painful
predicament. If you have never tweezed before and you do not have great patience (Tweezing can be a
tedious process, especially for those with thicker brows.), some artistic skills and pay close attention to
detail, you could end up with odd looking or uneven eyebrows…exactly the opposite effect you desire!

You should also know that with tweezing, hair will grow back the same texture in about one week.
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